Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Friday, March 26, 2010

My New Austrolorp Chicken

Hi! I am sharing this report with you that I did about my new chicken. The only problem is that she does not have a name. My brother and sister have names for their chickens but I can't think of a name for mine. Can you help me? I will announce the winner next Friday and my mom says she will send the winner a free book from her E-bay store at: Vintage Books by Earthschooling . Post your names at the bottom here. Be sure to include your name or e-mail so we can contact the winner to the list and you will know who you are :) And if you have any information about chickens to share with me please post it here too. Thank you!

Australorp Chickens

Some people think the Australorp hen was developed in Australia from Orpington chickens other say they are the original Orpington they are known for the many eggs they lay in fact one year an Australorp hen made the record of laying 364 eggs in 365 days that’s almost an egg a day! They are very active birds and they’re eggs are tinted brown they’re feathers are original black but when in the sun you may be able to see a hint of green and purple people will sometimes call them lorps for a nickname the name is an abbreviation for Australian black orpington and was claimed by Mr. W Cook who claimed they were the original black orpington

Not all chickens can lay eggs in the winter but this chicken can lay eggs from below 0 whether to the high 80s they’re feathers are tipped white until they mature around 5-6 month’s which is how long it takes the hen to lay eggs when they get bigger they will eat just about any green,(they love lettuce),pasta ,slugs ,and instead of swallowing water they let it run down their throats on rainy days they enjoy digging in mud for worms they can live 6-8 years and since they don’t have teeth instead of chewing food in their mouths and swallowing it they eat some food then a rock and the rock will chew the food while in its stomach

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Lower Case Alphabet Story Book

My book, "Lower Case Alphabet Stories" is now available on my webpage and at: My mom is giving anyone who orders a copy a free copy of her book "Sixth Sense Reading" so when you order you have the complete second grade language curriculum. You can download a copy of it at my webpage ( - Love, Sofi

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beeswax Play with Sunii

My brother and I decided to melt all the candles in the house and make new ones. Mom said she was happy we were recycling the candles because they were very expensive and she hated to waste them. So we made her a special candle. It took us a while to clean up. But we had a lot of fun!!!! Our sister was a little annoyed because most of the mess was on "her place" (where she sits for dinner) so we had to clean up really well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Burr Oak Acorns are Here to Send to You!

My sister and I are gathering acorns for a fundraiser this year.
We are only charging a couple dollars over cost of envelope and postage. If you are interested they
are selling them at:

We will be taking orders for the next month and will send orders out
on October 1st, 15th, and 23rd.

We will love to get your orders! The picture above is of my sister and I working as fairies at the local Renaissance Festival. We like to work together - sometimes! - Love Sofi

Friday, September 11, 2009

Living My Life in Costume

I have not posted a lot lately because I've been so busy. I auditioned for the Nutcracker, the Ballet Dracula and I am a fairy at the Renassaince Festival again this year (my third year). The Renassaince Festival started last weekend so I worked for three days from 10am to 6pm every day as a fairy. Fairies have a lot of jobs. We put on shows, we give gifts to children and we sprinkle them with fairy dust. Sometimes we help the shopkeepers run errands or bring attention to their store. Last year we did a pirate-fairy battle. I am sad this year we don't have that but this year we are doing our own fairy show. Last weekend it was me, the fairy queen and her daughter doing the shows. This weekend two more fairies may join us. It is fun to work all day at the festival. My mom says she does not "know how I do it" but it is so fun. And hard work. I am happy my sister Mosi is also going to be a fairy this year. But she did not work last weekend and she is only working half days this weekend because she says she can't handle a whole day. But I can! She says she only wants to do it because she gets to sprinkle little kids with fairy dust.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Design with Brother

My mom went to run some errands with Mosi (she is my big sister, age 14) yesterday and Sunii and I got bored so I started cutting up some of my old clothes and making new fashions out of them. I am so excited because my mom has boxes of clothes in the basement she didn't take to Goodwill yet and she says I can use them for my new fashions. My brother knows how to use the sewing machine so we made a dress together.

He gave me an old T-shirt of his. I cut it into a dress and he sewed it for me. This picture is of a shirt I created. I'll post more creations later!

Love, Sofi