Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Design with Brother

My mom went to run some errands with Mosi (she is my big sister, age 14) yesterday and Sunii and I got bored so I started cutting up some of my old clothes and making new fashions out of them. I am so excited because my mom has boxes of clothes in the basement she didn't take to Goodwill yet and she says I can use them for my new fashions. My brother knows how to use the sewing machine so we made a dress together.

He gave me an old T-shirt of his. I cut it into a dress and he sewed it for me. This picture is of a shirt I created. I'll post more creations later!

Love, Sofi

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fashion Design

I'm making some of my costume for the Rennassaince Faire this Autumn. I work as a fairy all day at the Faire - we are actors in the fairy battle with the pirates and we do many jobs around the Faire for three entire weekends. I work from 9am - 6pm each day. This year my mom and I are making my shoes, my friend's mom is helping me make a costume I designed and I am making my own pirate costume and belt.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stories for the Letters of the Alphabet

Mom's pretty busy this month so she asked me to do some work for her. She needed someone to make some nice stories for each letter of the alphabet. So I have been working hard. I have been having fun making these stories to add to the first and second grade curriculum at I have been drawing some pictures to go with them too. Do you want to see a sample of the story I did for the letter "a"? Mom already did stories for the capital letters so I am doing stories for the lower case letters. If you want to download a sample of one of my stories go to: Earthsessions with Sofi